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The Sea of Faith Network (NZ)

The Sea of Faith Network is an association of people who have a common interest in exploring religious thought and expression from a non-dogmatic and human-oriented standpoint


Out archivist, Alison Eng, wrote the following:

All the documents to the end of 2009 are now deposited in the Macmillan Brown Library, along with the Deed of Gift document as filled out at the meeting. The library houses our material as 3 separate collections, each with a different collection number, and these can be found in the digital archive at http://library.canterbury.ac.nz/mb/archives/ (Note that the third batch has only just been deposited and will not have been processed yet. The Accession Numbers for the first two batches are 1197 and 1707)

Although the library's records of the contents of each collection are brief, the attached Inventory is a complete list of documents from all three collections, deliberately detailed in order to facilitate searching, retrieval and addition to the collection. My next task will be to work on a much simplified and user-friendly version which might be suitable for inclusion on the website.

I can confirm that the collection can be used by anyone, so is definitely available to all Sea of Faith members. Any user must first submit a Registration Form for which normal ID is required, and which authorizes use of the library. In this way they ensure the collection is getting appropriate use by genuine users. Items are retrieved from closed shelves and signed for, so the library has a record of who used what and when. They were able to tell me that so far I've been the only user of the SoF documents, and that I searched the original collection in the week before our conference (when I was gathering material for the display), so I can confirm that the system works well.

Although it's my signature on the Deed of Gift, the current arrangement would continue with anyone else who might take over from me for as long as the SoF wishes. Basically they're happy to have our documents, and operate a system which makes them readily available yet treats them with care.

If you have a genuine interest in viewing the archives you should get some guidance from Alison at alison.eng@xtra.co.nz