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The Sea of Faith Network (NZ)

The Sea of Faith Network is an association of people who have a common interest in exploring religious thought and expression from a non-dogmatic and human-oriented standpoint

How To Join the Sea of Faith Network (NZ)

You can join by paying an annual subscription of $20 per person if within New Zealand or $30 if out of New Zealand. The newsletter is free to members if received by email. If you would prefer to receive the Newsletter in printed form (within New Zealand)  then this is an additional $30 to your $20 subscription totaling $50 all up.  For overseas members please remit the equivalent of NZ$70 for the newsletter. Foreign cheques accepted.

If you wish to become a member, click here to view and print our brochure. Fill in the requested details, attach your cheque and mail them as instructed. You will receive six Newsletters each year. Note the option of receiving them as paper copies or as PDF files.

Internet Discussion List

In addition (and at no extra charge), you might like to join the discussion group which exchanges opinions on anything and everything somewhat relevant to SoF via the Internet. The group has typically 50 to 100 members at any time. Once you are enrolled, you may submit your emails to the address of the computer which maintains the list. It then automatically sends your emails to every person on the list.

To get enrolled, go to this website. In the menu that comes up, click on "Join or leave the list" and follow instructions. Note that, after you have done your bit, you must wait for the appropriate person in SoF(UK) to approve your subscription. Once underway, there are no costs other than those imposed by your ISP for online time.

Local Groups

You may also wish to join a Local Group for regular face-to-face discussion meetings. Refer here for further details.

Although it is not necessary for you to be a member of the national organisation in order to be a member of a Local Group, we strongly advise it, both for the health of the national organisation and for the advantages listed above. Preference is given to those with national membership for places as national Conferences.